Interuniversity Certificate in Competition Law

LL.M. in Competition Law

From now on, the LL.M. programme in competition law will be jointly organised with the University of Liege (ULiege) and Saint-Louis University (USL-B). Students who pass their exams and dissertation will receive an ‘Interuniversity Certificate in Competition Law’, which is worth 32 credits.

The Brussels School of Competition (BSC) was established in 2010 under the auspices of FEB and became a private foundation in 2015. Its competition law and economics programme has gone from strength to strength owing to the high demand for training in this field, which is of strategic importance for companies. The courses will also continue to be held at the FEB conference centre, bringing the programme into contact with the world of business.

Programme aims

This programme meets an expectation within the community of Belgian and European competition law practitioners, offering them training that is tailored to the demands of their professional life and provides information in an accurate, critical and exhaustive way.

For legal practitioners who are not specialists in competition law (company lawyers, for example) but are increasingly called on to deal with it, this certificate offers initial and practical training on the subject.

The course is taught in Brussels, a leading world capital of competition policy. Brussels is the seat of the European Commission, the European competition authority. It is also home to many major Belgian and foreign companies, as well as the Belgian competition institutions and most of the legal and consulting firms specialising in this area. This makes Brussels a focal point of demand for training and expertise (know-how) in competition law.

The two key objectives are to offer competition law practitioners a serious and full upgrade of their knowledge, and to train legal advisers in companies, administrations and other economic operators so as to enable them to reduce the risk of infringing competition law.

Skills acquired during the programme

In-depth knowledge of all aspects of competition law, theoretical (particularly industrial economy), practical (contentious and non-contentious proceedings, administrative and judicial proceedings) and political (the challenges of public decision-making). By the end of the programme, students will have a full understanding of all facets of the subject. The programme also focuses on national competition law, according to the teachers' nationalities.

Participant's profile

The LL.M. programme has been designed to meet the needs of companies and their counsels, who have to cope with increasingly complex competition rules and the unprecedented economic risks arising from the enforcement of those rules.

It targets in particular:

  • Business Lawyers and economic consultants (junior and senior) seeking to expand, improve or refresh their knowledge of competition law and economics;
  • Companies, not only in-house lawyers, but also managers, executives and public affairs experts who come across competition issues in their daily business activities;
  • Civil servants from competition agencies, sectoral regulators, public administrations and state-owned compagnies, who regularly have to deal with situations involving competition law;
  • Young graduates in law or economics who seek to add another string to their bow.