Interuniversity Certificate in Competition Law

A LL.M. in Competition Law

Participants who complete the full programme and pass the assessment examination will receive an interuniversity certificate (LL.M. degree) in Competition Law, as well as 32 credits (see European recognition and the decree of 7 November 2013 defining the higher education landscape and the academic organisation of studies). The certificate is personally significant for the participant’s training and education plan, and the credits can be used when pursuing academic training in Europe (provided the credits are accepted by the programme for which the participant would subsequently like to enrol).


  • All applicants must hold a Master degree in Law, Economics or Management Science (diploma 2nd cycle).
  • Alternatively, applicants may hold a Master degree in another field and demonstrate sufficient legal expertise (e.g., professional experience or additional training in law).
  • Foreign degree, provided it is deemed equivalent to a domestic 2nd cycle education degree by the relevant jury.

The Brussels School of Competition will ask participants to provide proof of their academic qualifications and their legal expertise.

Language Skills

Working knowledge of English is required (Council of Europe, Independent User, scale B2 in English).


Visa requirements

Participants shall hold a valid visa during the period of their attendance to the programme at the BSC. Non-EU foreign students may have to provide a copy of their visa during the application process. Relevant information may be found on the website of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Fees (2020-2021)

The tuition fees for the entire programme (10 modules + 2 clinical seminars) are €6,500*.
The fee is €700* for a single module and €250* for a single clinical seminar.

Students who want to spread the full programme over two years will be requested to pay a €500 fee per additional year.

*exempt from VAT
*Fees include attendance to the modules of the programme, catering and course materials only.

Registration Deadline (2020-2021)

 Deadline for applications is 13 September 2020

An application form is available on the "Register" section of the website. Registrations are now open.
Applicants shall submit their application for the full LL.M. programme no later than September 13, 2020. However late admission are always welcome. Students interested in spreading their attendance over two years should mention it at the beginning of the application process. The Board may then allow the programme to be spread over a maximum of two years. Students who want to spread the programme over two years will be requested to pay a €500 fee per additional year. This fee covers administrative costs.

Admission Step (2020-2021)

  1. Please fill in the application form and send it back to info@bsc.brussels with a copy of your Highest degree and a copy of your ID/passport.
  2. You will subsequently receive an email confirming your registration.
  3. Your file will be reviewed by the BSC Board and the decision will be communicated to you by the BSC staff.
  4. Providing you were accepted, an invoice corresponding to the tuition fees will be sent to you.
  5. Upon receipt of the payment, your online BSC account will be activated in September 2020 and you will have access to the documents provided by the teachers.

Should you have any questions, please contact Ms Huyen Vo, BSC Manager, at info@bsc.brussels